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Corporate Image Courses

Corporate Image is one of the most important aspects of any business and should be improved constantly. In our competitive business world it is important that all aspects of a business project the same Image in order to gain respect and keep it. The brand of your business should be projected through your business logo, your business’ interior design, your business’ vision, your business’ values, all your business communication channels (website, emails, phone calls, meetings and direct contact with clients). 

The most important communication of your business brand is your business’ people! They need to project a professional Image through their visual image (physical appearance, dress, body language, etiquette and manners) and verbal communication (speaking style and writing style). Image Team can assist you with these very important Image aspects of your business. 

We offer training and workshops in the following Professional Image areas:

Visual Image
Corporate dress
Office dress
Body language
Professional Manners

Verbal communication
Speaking style
Writing style
Presentation skills
Conducting yourself in a meeting
Listening skills
Professional Greetings

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