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Makeovers and Image Makeovers in Gauteng

Makeovers in Gauteng have become extremely popular over the last few years. Looking great makes you feel empowered – why not get a complete image makeover so that you can be the empowering person that you already are!

You have less than a minute to create a first impression so make sure you create an impression that lasts a life time! We are professional makeover consultants in Gauteng with years of experience in transforming plain Janes into knock-out beauties. We provide everything from style personality to colour analysis, figure analysis and illusion dressing.

Colour analysis

Many people spend a lifetime believing that they can’t use certain shades of make up and that they should stick to the same make up they have been using for years. Let professional make up artists in Gauteng do a colour analysis (using a colour chart) to show you what shades, tones and make up makeover techniques will enhance your features and make you glow!

Figure analysis and illusion dressing

As professional image consultants in Gauteng, we will analyse your figure and show you how to buy clothes that show off the best of your body. You don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe in one day, but with a bit of makeover advice and an entirely new perspective, we will help you build a coordinated, workable wardrobe that is based on your lifestyle, profession, hobbies, figure and personality.

The way you look reflects who you are so love yourself enough to get an image makeover! Please feel free to contact us with any queries or quotes!

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